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1. Canadian customer please be noted: Canada Post accepts international parcels again but the delivery time is unexpected due to the backlogs as described below - you could pay extra for express shipping or just wait for some while. 
[Updates: 29/11/2018] Unprecedented backlogs will continue to mean lengthy delays for customers
2. Starting from Nov, we can notice an increase in shipping time when people start to order Christmas gifts from China. Imagining tons and tons of parcels arriving at your customs port..... you may consider express shipping or please be patience.
[Updates: 30/11/2018] UK suffers a delay in delivery since the beginning of November. Please consider this factor before you make the purchase.
3. Short term delay in dispatching - when Black Friday is SO famous around the world, our government is really taking steps to stop the industry from doing business during this period. Everyone in our location is experiencing DAILY spot check throughout this week, mostly during the time we are packing the orders. We failed to send out parcels in the last two days. Will keep trying every day and finger cross the spot check will stop once BF is over.
4. A friendly note to all of our customers: we tried over best to source the great products and offering free ePacket shipping to many countries. Though sometimes there are a few defective items, we try to provide the best solution for all the cases. And we never drag on refunding. But we have no control over the shipping time when there are so many external factors, say, seasoning issues, government policies, the efficiency of the Customs and maybe weather etc.
We do understand you are expecting the quality jerseys to arrive asap and we hope so too - we don't just sit back after we send out an item. We contact logistic company every day to follow up with parcels which are experiencing delays.
Please consider above items before you are making a purchase. And make sure you order your Xmas gifts asap. Feel free to contact us if you have further questions. We do hope that everyone enjoys shopping with us.

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